Data Lineage Management

DataHawk is a data lineage solution to visualize data flow between data source and target in multiple database layers.


Data Lineage Management Solution

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Key Features

DataHawk's Key Features
Analysis DB schema, ETL tools(Informatica, DataStage, MSTR) configuration, SQL, PL/SQPL, shell script, SAM file, NoSQL, Hadoop, RedShift, HiveQL
Data Flow Visualization Column level data flow graph/grid from data source to target

SQL diagram that visualizes SQL statements structure

Relationships between program source and table/column
Data Derivation Rule Automatically extracts data derivation rules

Bi-direction tracking of data derivation rules
Report Excel exporting of data flows

Report including data moving paths and derivation rules

Customizable report
Search Search for DB object name, type and keyword

SQL filtering search

Advanced search with various conditions


DataHawk's Benefits
Work Increasing Productivity Rapidly provides required data lineage information
Documentation Generates reports and documents based on visualized data lineage
IT Data Accuracy Gains and monitors data transparency and accuracy
Data Velocity Fastly provides data lineage information with business users
Data Consistency Maintains consistency between physical databases and data lineage documents


DataHawk's Differentiators
Compliance Complies with BCBS 239 guidelines and IFRS 17
Error Cause Tracking Finds out input paths of error data
Data Flow Visualization Visualizes and maintains column level data flow information