DR System Gap Analysis

GapMiner is a system gap analysis solution helping to prevent system failures due to differences between servers by allowing comparing programs, configurations and database schema through enterprise-wide systems.


GapMiner enables to analyze and closely compare program source codes, binary executions and other configuration files distributed in several system environments. It can also help to analyze gaps between software package versions.


Key Features

GapMiner's Key Features
Robust Search Supporting rapid search for both source files and DB
Program Gap Analysis Comparing base and target files
- Binary (Jar, Class, Image...)
- Source, Configuration, Property
DB Gap Analysis Comparing base and target DB schema objects
- Package, Procedure, Table, Index, View
Object Level Tacking Supporting gap analysis in object level such as methods and variables.
Gap Report Providing summary and detail gap analysis reports.


GapMiner's Benefits
Preventing System Failures Preventing system failures due to system gap
- Fast comparing gaps between server environments such as test vs. production or production vs. backup
Enhancing Productivity Dramatically reducing search time for gap between software versions
Improving system stability Improving system stability by analyzing gaps among systems