ChangeMiner V10

Intelligent Application Analytics Tool

ChangeMiner V10 brings insight into your critical applications and databases. It provides centralized knowledgebase for Java, .NET, 4GL, C/C++, COBOL, PL/1 and other applications. GTOne's ChangeMiner V10 decreases application failures due to source changes and increases productivity of application understanding.


ChangeMiner V10 automatically collects source files and database catalogs, and then parses them to extract overall relationships among the parsed objects. The information gained from the tool is stored to application knowledgebase equipped with robust reporting and documentation features. You don't have to manually map the relationships or dependencies among the parsed objects.

Application team can access to the shared knowledgebase from anywhere via internet connection. Users will get rapid understanding how their applications are structured and dependent.

Enterprise Application Analytics Tool

Key Features

ChangeMiner's Key Features
Dashboard + Statistics Easily access application portfolio statistics, its change trends, complexity metrics, wastes and more.
Advanced Search Rapidly search objects from both source files and database schema in application knowledgebase with reusable conditions.
Project & Preset Rapidly analyzing with configuration presets that have necessary information in order to create projects.
Structure + Dependency Analysis Fully visualize application structure and all relationships from client program to database objects, regardless of programming languages by using relationship graph, CRUD matrix and more.
Monitoring Accuracy of Relationship Data Maintaining accuracy of relationship data with automated diagnosing and monitoring for changes due to application maintenance and new development.
Design tool for maintenance Utilizing it for system change design with the Relation Maps editing tool.
Flow Analysis Automatically create various types of diagrams (flow chart, class diagram and call sequence diagram etc.) and trace inter-procedural data flow in program.
Change History Management Conveniently deliver object level change information of source files and database schema to get transparent development history.
Dynamic Documentation Dynamically generate various types of customizable documents from application knowledgebase.
Code Quality & Vulnerability inspection (opt) Accurately inspect source code based on international coding standards for both quality and security vulnerability.
* ChangeMiner V10 supports most commercial program languages and databases.


ChangeMiner's Benefits
Reduce the risk of change

ChangeMiner V10 visualizes all objects where a component or code is changed so that developer can detect the real scope of application and database changes.

Developers wouldnt miss source codes impacted by a change, increasing accuracy and reliability.

The tool ensures to analyze only the areas of the application the change affected.

Application team will be able to reduce the risks from application failures.

Dramatic increases in productivity with automation

Project wizard can create & analyze projects easily by just locating the source files & DB.

Administrator can increase the productivity through automatic configuration and quickly analyze the similar systems by just copying configuration presets.

Enhance application teams efficiency

ChangeMiner V10’s application knowledgebase serves as an on-demand reference for all staffs and make them easily understand the application structure andtheir dependencies by saving and sharing of search condition, relationship pattern, relation map and etc.

Managers can minimize business losses from employee turnover and management inefficiencies of complex applications.

Accelerate collaboration

ChangeMiner V10 provides graphical representation of all application for analysts and programmers to easily understand, and enable them to drill down into deep Knowledge of applications. It is also going to accelerate collaboration between stakeholders by saving and sharing of maintenance design and meeting results through editable Relation Map.

IT department is able to rapidly transfer application knowledge to new developers when it hires them.

Enterprise can also achieve better collaboration among analysts, developers, and QA staffs using visualized and transparent application knowledge from ChangeMiner V10.

Reduce cost by dynamic documentation

Documents become out-of-date as applications consistently changes. So, mostly current documents do not reflect as-is applications.

ChangeMiner V10 continuously updates application repository and supports automated documentation. Application team can always gain up-to-date dynamic documentations.

Achieve time to market

The tools strong visualization and dynamic documentation features enable you to rapidly scope and plan application projects.

Manual labor, especially in migration or modernization of complex applications, is replaced by automation, ensuring on time and on budget.


ChangeMiner's Differentiators
Accurate & Efficient Analysis Engine
Incremental analysis
Dynamic string analysis
Heterogeneous Environment Support
+80 parsers - languages, frameworks, job schedulers, EAI, DBMS and etc.
Intelligent Accuracy Diagnosis for Changes
Intelligent diagnosis and monitoring for relationship data changes
Rapid Analysis Configuration
Project/Preset - initiate the analysis easily by just locating the target source & DB
Easy to Use User Experience
Easy to use menus and UI layout purely focused on users actual needs
Rapid Search & Visualized Relationship
Visualizing the relationship from front program to DB at one go
Various Diagrams & Documents
CRUD Matrix, Flow Chart,
Class Diagram and etc.
Object Level Change History
Change history on program and DB
Accelerating collaboration by saving and sharing of relationship data.


ChangeMiner's Usages
Integrated Search
Relationship Analysis
Change Impact Analysis
CRUD Matrix
Change History Analysis
AS-IS Analysis
Cleansing Target Analysis
Legacy Analysis
Dashboard / Statistics
Automatic Documentation


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