Realize Your AML Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering means management structure to prevent money laundering activities. If your company does not comply with AML regulations, it will affect to your business seriously such as receiving a huge amount of penalties or loosing external reputations. GTOnes AMLExpress, proven Anti-Money Laundering solution, provides all features for your AML compliance.


AMLExpress is a solution to achieve AML compliance. You can minimize costs and efforts for AML compliance by using functions of AMLExpress such as filtering Watch List, monitoring Suspicious Transactions, alerting Suspicious Transactions, and creating STR/CTR automatically.

Realize Your AML Compliance

Key Features

AMLExpress's Key Features
Know Your Customer KYC provides real-time Watch List filtering, establishes customers' risk assessment criteria, and executes Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence.
Transaction Monitoring System TMS manages a variety of scenarios to find suspicious transaction, extracts suspicious transaction by the scenarios. It also visually analyzes relationship between transactions and provides automatic report generation.
AML Mart AML Mart is composed for loading data about customer, transaction and account required for AML compliance. It collects required data periodically from existing database or data warehouse.
AML Manager AML Manager provides various functions for efficient operation and management of AML systems, such as scenario rules management for filtering suspicious transactions and currency transactions, profiling for data related with AML compliance, impact analysis among existing database, AML Mart, and scenarios, and visualizing AML Mart structure, etc.


AMLExpress's Benefits
Compliance and Hedging Risks Because AMLExpress provides all features and services required as AML systems, you can easily and rapidly implement AML systems that respond to regulation changes flexibly on time and on budget. You can prevent various risks that can be caused by missing compliance obligations.
Improvement of External Reputation This is truly important in global competition. With AMLExpress, you can improve external reputation by blocking illegal money and money laundering activities.
Rapid Response to Regulation Changes Because AMLExpress bases technical architecture on Business Rule Engine and Scenarios, you can rapidly response to change international regulations, apply to expanded policy, and vary from AML techniques.


AMLExpress's Differentiators
Proven Solution AMLExpress has successful implementation cases in all financial fields such as Bank, Securities, Insurance, and Credit Card. Based on the experiences, it provides more than 200 AML scenarios and 1,000 rules.
Flexible Architecture To support both of international regulations and local environment simultaneously, a solution must be flexible. AMLExpress has flexible technical architecture and high performance Business Rule Engine, and provides flexibility in customization.
Unique Management Functions AMLExpress provides one step ahead experience through unique functions of management like visualizing data mart, AML data profiling, relationship view from scenario rules to source data and visual management of scenarios and rules.


  • Kyongnam Bank
  • Gwangju Bank
  • Korea Post
  • Shinhan Bank
  • Korea Development Bank
  • Sacom Bank
  • Tomato Saving Bank
  • Busan Bank
  • HK Bank
  • OSB Saving Bank
  • Kyowonnara Savings Bank
  • SBI Savings Bank
  • Welcome Savings Bank
  • NH Savings Bank
  • Mirae Savings Bank
  • Shinan Savings Bank
  • Ace Savings Bank
  • Korea Savings Bank
  • Solomon Savings Bank
  • Hanwha Life
  • AIA Life Insurance
  • MetLife Insurance
  • KB Life Insurance
  • Prudential Life Insurance
  • ING Life Insurance
  • KDB Life Insurance
  • Korea Post
  • IBK Insurance
  • Dongbu Life Insurance
  • NongHyup Life Insurance
  • NongHyup Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Hyundai Life
  • Woori Investment & Securities
  • Kiwoom Securities
  • HMC Investment Securities
  • Korea Investment & Securities
  • HI Investment & Securities
  • Hyundai Securities
  • Shinhan Card
  • etc...