Smart Financial e-Form Solution

i-Form is a solution that enables you to transform your business processes by eliminating paper documents, instead using electronic documents. By reducing CO2 emissions and implementing eco-friendly technology based on low-carbon Green IT, it helps to reduce paper document management costs and enhance business process efficiency.


i-Form can make electronic business documents, replacing paper document, allowing users working with mobile devices such as tablet PC, smart phone and others.

Paperless Solution

Key Features

i-Form's Key Features
Automatic Code Generation

Easily creating electronic documents and linking them to business applications by using i-Form Designer.

Reducing program development time and cost.

Real-time integration with busienss applications

By using transaction mapping engine, i-Form supports seamless real-time integration with existing business applications.

Supporting Web UI integration with business system and 3 monitors operation.

Electronic document form designer

Supporting UI controls such as EditBoxComboBoxCheckBoxRadioButtonSignScannerICR etc.

Transformatting Word, Excel file to electronic form.

Convenient user processing functionalities Providing easy & convenient functionalities such as red-pen, black-pen, eraser, page move, zoom in/out, sign pad, stamp, sign box, pin pad and scanner etc.
Form processing functionalities Providing various from processing functions such as transformation, viewing, page merge, water mark, print, text editing, compression, temporary saving, XML based integration with other instituions.
Security & Integrity Providing data encryption/decription, image time stamp, electronic sign etc.


i-Form's Benefits
Cost Reduction Reduces paper costs, printing costs, document management manpower costs, and document storage costs
Business Efficiency Improves work efficiency through real-time connection of related business systems
Process Innovation Accelerate temporal and spatial business process innovation with the use of e-format documents.


i-Form's Usage
Transforms paper contracts into electronic contract systems to innovate corporate business and dramatically improve business processes.
Improves financial institutions customer service works by eliminating paper documents.
Improves public service process based on electronic documents.
Strengthens business competitiveness by introducing electronic documents in online consulting services.
Establishes smart branch by linking financial institution and service company based on electronic document system.


  • Korea Post bank
  • Woori Bank
  • AJ Rentcar
  • etc...