Source Code Quality Inspection

CodePrism¢ç provides the capability to ensure application health and quality in the early stage of development lifecycle. It can lower development costs by helping you meet compliance requirements, and automate code quality check with static analysis technology.


CodePrism¢ç automatically checks your source code based on pre-defined quality rules. Without configuring compiler environment or running programs, it exactly locates code lines which violate the pre-defined rules.

It allows QA team to verify source code¡¯s quality on central server. Developer can inspect their own source codes on PC with communication to the central server.


Key Features

CodePrism's Key Features
Detecting error-prone source codes It detects code lines written by bad practice coding patterns including potential error and performance etc.
Enforcing development standards It checks observance of comments standard, naming convention, architecture standard, and limitation of size/length etc.
Detecting bad SQL usages It checks bad performance patterns in SQL statements. Dynamic SQL is also supported in server side analysis.
Easily creating or modifying rules It allows you to create new rules or modify existing rules based on regular expression.
Automatic updating rules It allows developers to update rules automatically based on centralized rule management.
* It supports diverse languages such as COBOL, Java/JSP(Eclipse plug-in), C, C#, VB.NET etc.


CodePrism's Benefits
Reduce error-fixing costs

Checking source codes with manual ways relies on developers¡¯ experiences and requires large amount of times and costs.

You will save costs by detecting and fixing defects in the early stage of development lifecycle.

Improve maintenance efficiency By enforcing developer¡¯s coding standards compliance at the development stage, IT organization can improve later maintenance efficiency.
Enhance productivity Skilled developer just can check 1,000 code lines per day (Software Engineering Institute). The static analysis technology can save your time and effort by automating code inspection.
Application compliance It detects hard-coded keywords prohibited by regulations. You will get safe way to comply with regulations for your applications.


CodePrism's Differentiators
SQL statement inspection CodePrism¢ç supports not only source code defect rules but also bad usage patterns of SQL statement. You can proactively detect bad SQL statements at the development stage.
Seamless integration CodePrism¢ç shares single technology platform with other GTOne¡¯s application governance solutions. It means you would facilitate multiple dimensions of static analysis (impact analysis, code quality and security vulnerability) in a single environment.


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