DQ IoT(DQMiner for IoT)

IoT Data Quality Management

DQ IoT (DQMiner for IoT) is a solution that analyzes and monitors real-time streaming data generated in the IoT environment from a quality perspective.


IoT Data Quality Management

Key Features

DQ IoT's Key Features
Quality Index - Sensor streaming data profiling

- Streaming data quality indicators
Real-time - Real-time data collection linked to Kafka

- Result collection through real-time DB
Spark - Industry well-known Spark structured streaming

- Proprietary real-time aggregation function
Relationship Analysis - Data rule of multiple data relationships

- Synchronization function for time consistency between data
Monitoring - Quality analysis dashboard

- Real-time monitoring of IoT data quality


DQ IoT's Benefits
Increasing Productivity The understanding of sensor data is improved, and the pre-processing time is shortened when using/analyzing data.
Improving Data Reliability Improves reliability by maintaining high quality data through IoT real-time data quality diagnosis in smart factories and smart cities.


IoT's Differentiators
Patent Technology IoT Stream Data Quality Measurement Indicator and Profiling Method and System Realtime Data Quality Management System for Internet of Things and Method
Good Software Certification TTA Good Software Level 1