Application Change Management

ChangeFlow provides process-driven application quality control for minimizing business risks and losses by establishing effective application change management system.


ChangeFlow® is an Application Lifecycle Management solution that manages enterprise-wide application assets. It enables application management teams to perform essential tasks in predefined processes including change request management, version control, build management, and deployment management. It also support interface with change impact analysis, source code static analysis, SVN, Jenkins and ITSM etc.

Application Change Management Solution

Key Features

ChangeFlow's Key Features
Change Request Management

ChangeFlow supports change request and its history management.

It also supports approval / rejection of change request in workflow.

Version Control When a new program is developed or an existing program is modified, the version is automatically managed along with features such as check-out, check-in of source code, lock/unlock, and version comparison.
Build Management ChangeFlow manages build-related information separately. Developers can utilize automatic build/compile function.
Deployment Management

Compiled objects can be automatically copied or scheduled to production servers for deployment. It prevents failures caused by system administrators mistakes.

Some error-prone objects can be roll-backed by change request or individual source file.

Workflow Management ChangeFlow provides several workflow templates. Enterprise or IT departments can create their own workflow based on these templates.
Statistics / Report ChangeFlow provides various reports including developer's job schedule, current status of change requests, change reasons statistics, and overdue tasks list.


ChangeFlow's Benefits
Efficient application assets management ChangeFlow implements centralized repository of source files and artifacts. It also improves source code security in case developers leave unexpectedly or outsourcing provider changes.
System failure prevention ChangeFlow minimizes system failure risks caused by uncontrolled source changes because applications are governed by predefined workflow and policies.
Change history tracking and performance measurement IT managers can measure the application teams performance utilizing ChangeFlows change history information and statistics data.
Efficient application maintenance

ChangeFlow reduces unnecessary tasks by providing several automation features such as build and deployment management.

In addition, its process-driven approach to application management increases work efficiency.

Furthermore, enterprises can gain a new approach to manage their applications by seamlessly integrating with ChangeMiner.


ChangeFlow's Differentiators
Platform independence ChangeFlow supports a variety of platforms such as UNIX, Windows and Linux based on J2EE technology.
Single platform ChangeFlow provides single platform for both open system and legacy environments.
Approval workflow system It supports change management within approval workflow including approval, agreement and rejection.
Integration with impact analysis ChangeFlow provides detail relationships between programs and database objects by integrating with ChangeMiner.


  • National Health Insurance Service
  • National Police Agency
  • Ministry of Education
  • National Pension Service
  • Defense Computing Information Agency
  • Smartro
  • korea Credit Guarntee Fund
  • Credit Counseling and Recovery Service
  • Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Korea Post
  • ePOST
  • Korea Post bank
  • Korea Postal Logistics Agency
  • Public Procurement Service
  • Korea Trade Insurance Corporation
  • Korea National Open University
  • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
  • Korea Student Aid Foundation
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Korea Environment Corporation
  • BCcard
  • BNK Capital
  • DB Insurance
  • Industrial Bank of Korea
  • IBK Capital
  • KDB Life Insurance
  • K Bank
  • SBI Savings Bank
  • BNK Kyongnam Bank
  • DAISHIN Savings Bank
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  • Hyundai Card/Capital/Commercial
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  • Samsung Networks
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  • SK Broadband
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  • etc...