GTWorks UI

Web UI Framework

GTWorksUI is a comprehensive Web UI framework that supports UI composing, management of UI component s and validation of W3C standard etc.


GTWorksUI provides solution for challenges of web content management such as lack of UI component management, frequent changes of small UI elements and compliance of changing regulations.

Web UI Framework

Key Features

GTWorks's Key Features
Validation of W3C standard/Web Accessibility It validates compliance of W3C and Web accessiblity standards for each UI component's HTML source generated by the framework.
UI Layout Management It supports UI layout management, allowing manager easily applying different UI layouts for each site or domain.
Web Page Component Management It supports central management of UI components such as login, menu and navigation which will be composed to UI layout. It also provides preview of the components.
Web Page Management It supports visual mapping of pre-registered UI components and UI layout's each area to generate a web page.
Page Wizard It supports easy replacement of UI component in a specific web page area and simultaneous replacement of same UI component in several web pages.
Dynamic Substitution of Component It supports dynamic substitution of a specific UI component in running web page, reducing redundant development works.


GTWorks's Benefits
Increasing efficiency of Web page management

Web page management efficiency is enhanced by

- managing web pages and components in a central system.

- applying UI layout based web page development and modification.

Enhancing Web UI development productivity

Web UI development productivity is enhanced by

- reusing UI components

- dynamic replacement of UI components

- real-time contorl of pop-up and BBS


GTWorks's Differentiators
Development & Operation Productivity

Enhancing UI development productiviy with composing reusable compoments.

Enhancing web site operation productivity with dynamic change of Web UI.

Efficient Management Enabling central management of Web UI development and maintenance.
User Convenience

Providing various UI development functions.

Providing real-time control of pop-up message.

Compliance with W3C standard Automatic validation of UI source