EAI Solution for Easy Access to Legacy Services

jStar is a high-quality legacy service integration solution which is a combination of middleware and adapter technologies.


jStar is a solution that facilitates the resolutions of various problems that could arise during the integration process with legacy systems. It ensures fast and stable integration by enabling easy access to IT resources ranging from mainframes to various in-house applications.

EAI Solution for Easy Access to Legacy Services

Key Features

jStar's Key Features
Server - Clustering several jStar server instances - 24X7 stability and scalability.
- Pooling and automatic recovery of adpater sessions.
- Pooling of jStar connections on web application server - best performance.
- Multi threading and pooling.
- Internal service providing threads and internal managing threads are separated(dual structure).
- Synchronous/asynchronous processing & two way communication.
- Real time deployment of jStar internal resources(hot deploy).
Administration - Unified GUI administration tool.
- Automatic generation of client code - Java, C.
- Real time test environment - invoke target system and verify the result real time.
- Develop, compile, deploy user defined resources in jStar Admin Tool.
- Grouping of services - same kind of several services can be grouped for easy management.
- GUI based message editor- Visual editing and managing of host messages.
- Visual inquiry of input/output messages.
- Grouping of adapters and convenient management - load balancing and fail over service.
- Real time modification and deployment of adapters attributes.
- Monitoring overall client connection information for each jStar server instance.
- Monitoring adapter - initial connection time, last use time, the number of use
- Monitoring jStar servers thread information - last use time, current status, last task, current task, the number of use.
Adapters - LU0 - FILE - TCP/IP - Application - LU6.2(APPC) - JMS - Database - E-Mail - X.25 - LDAP - Tuxedo - HTTP - CTG - SAP - Entera - FTP


jStar's Differentiators
Strong Connectivity jStar supports one-way or two-way communication between IT resources dispersed throughout the enterprise network, including mainframes, various protocols and applications (ex: WAS - Mainframe, WAS - In-House Application, WAS -Tuxedo).
Proven Stability Through clustering of the servers, in which two or more servers are running simultaneously, fault tolerance is provided, enabling an operating server to continue processing messages even when a system failure has occurred on another server. In particular, detection of and recovery from system failure is possible through an internal monitoring agent.
Easy Development & Test By providing Java/C API to access legacy systems, a standard interface can be used to develop applications for various systems in a consistent manner. The target system, message format and conversion rules can be modified on the Admin Tool without having to retouch the code even when the target system or message format has been modified.
Efficient Management Service and administration functions are separated, enabling centralized administration in which many managed servers are controlled by one admin server. Convenient tuning through setup, system status monitoring, and real-time administration through remote control are supported.


  • Shinhan Bank
  • Industrial Bank of Korea
  • Kookmin Bank
  • Woori Bank
  • ACE Insured
  • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Dongbu Steel
  • Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • etc...