Enterprise SQL Analysis & Management Solution

SQLMiner is a solution designed to automatically collect and analyze static/dynamic SQL statements distributed in diverse applications and databases, allowing central management of enterprise-wide SQLs.


SQLMiner implements a central repository of SQL statements and provides useful information for improving SQL development quality by automatic analysis.

Enterprise SQL Analysis & Management Solution

Key Features

SQLMiner's Key Features
SQL Dashboard - DB & program asset status / change trends
- statistics by SQL types
- Plan analysis results & history trends
- SQL complexity metrics
SQL Visualization - Generating SQL Diagram automatically
- Generating PL / SQL flow chart
- Visualizing column level data access path (flow) in SQL statement
SQL Editor - View DB schema
- SQL editing and execution
SQL Quality Management - Checking observance of SQL development standards and best practices
SQL Performance Management - analyzing execution plan automatically (identifying potential performance problems)
- Managing history of SQL PLANs
- PLAN comparison between DB instances
- Supporting SQL Trace and XPlan


SQLMiner's Benefits
Pro-active SQL Management - Pinpointing SQLs that have potential problem caused by execution plans changes.
- Managing risk by identifying potential bad-performance SQL in advance by analyzing execution plans of all queries automatically
Cost & Time Reduction - Cutting down cost and time for enterprise-wide SQL SQL management and tuning
Productivity Improvement - Dramatically improving productivity by extracting all static/dynamic queries from both program and DB automatically.


SQLMiner's Differentiators
Central SQL Management It supports automatic extraction of static/dynamic SQLs that general query development tools do not. Also, It helps enterprise-wide SQL management by implementing central SQL repository.
SQL Impact Analysis and Visualization It provides impacted SQLs when modifying DB schema or index. It helps intuitive understanding of complex SQL statements by providing SQL Diagram and PL/SQL Flow Chart.
SQL Performance Management It supports batch analysis of SQL execution plan and history management. It allows managers to identify potential SQL performance issues due to SQL plan changes.
SQL Quality Management It inspects and checks SQL development standard and best practices.