Enterprise Metadata Management Solution

GTOne¡¯s MetaMiner¢ç is a metadata (data about data) management solution. Without proper data management system, you cannot provide exact information to the users at the right time. MetaMiner¢ç supports ensuring data integrity, increasing data utilization and accessibility.


MetaMiner¢ç provides data dictionary, data structure and modeling information, change impact and management workflow with centralized metadata repository. DBA, DA and developers gain structural quality about enterprise data asset and smooth communication with business stakeholders.

Enterprise Metadata Management Solution

Key Features

MetaMiner's Key Features
Data Standard Management It provides data dictionary enabling you to manage details of data standard such as domains, codes, and prohibited keywords etc.
Data Structure Management It collects metadata from heterogeneous DBMS and modeling information from various CASE tools. You can view all of the information from integrated single repository.
Data Flow Information and Impact Analysis It provides data flow between sources and targets. It also provides analyzed information about change impact through several functions such as Compliance Level for standard, and Alignment and Similarity Level for models.
Workflow Management It supports optimized workflow for metadata lifecycle management.
Reports and Admin Tool It provides various report templates based on XML. In addition, it provides system management functions such as scheduler, DB connection information management, and more.


MetaMiner's Benefits
Data Governance MetaMiner¢ç standardizes enterprise metadata through data standardization processes. After this, MetaMiner¢ç enforces using standardized metadata for data modeling. Because non-standard data should be rejected by the system, it realizes enterprise data governance.
Sharing Information MetaMiner¢ç integrates all metadata from each silo system. It improves data sharing and collaboration of your organization.
Visualization of Data Flow MetaMiner¢ç supports visualization of data flow among systems. By this feature, administrators and developers can check relationships among systems, and establish effective data architecture based on the information.


MetaMiner's Differentiators
Flexibility MetaMiner¢ç supports implementation of optimized approval processes by workflow engine. You can easily modify existing workflow by workflow designer without additional development.
Extensibility MetaMiner¢ç supports extensibility of repository based on the OMG Standard and CWM based technology. In addition, it is designed as supportive architecture for multiple languages.
Convenience in Modeling MetaMiner¢ç can be integrated with CASE tool. Modelers can directly use standard metadata from MetaMiner¢ç in the modeling tool, and do their modeling works easily. In addition, using Model Viewer feature of MetaMiner¢ç, you can view certain data models without CASE tool.


  • Kookmin Bank
  • Industrial Bank of Korea
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • KDB Daewoo Securities
  • SBI Savings Bank
  • Hyosung Capital
  • MetLife Insurance
  • Shinyoung Securities
  • Rush N Cash
  • NH Investment & Securities
  • Samsung Securities
  • MG Community Credit Cooperatives
  • Kyongnam Bank
  • SK Planet
  • Korea Smart Card
  • Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • Samsung SDI
  • Construction Guarantee
  • Korea Institute Of Science And Technology Information
  • Hyundai Steel
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Kyobo
  • Agency For Defense Development
  • LG Display
  • Korea Basic Science Institute
  • Korea Finance Corporation
  • Social Security Information Service
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • Ministry Of The Interior
  • etc...