Business Rule Management Solution

BRMiner is a business rule engine and management solution for supporting busienss manager and IT developer to easily manage complex business logics and rapidly respond to business changes, allowing enterprises to achieve business flexibilty and agility.


BRMiner manages company's mission critical busienss logics by by separating them from program source code. It provides business rule development and management environment, real time validation, real time monitoring and high performance based on multi processing capability.

Business Rule Management Solution

Key Features

BRMiner's Key Features
Rule studio for rule editing Rule Studio provides overall functions for creating , validating and executing business rules in a GUI environment.
Business rule life cycle management It supports busienss rule life-cycle management with automatic versioning of rule changes, rule execution cycle and version control per each rule ID etc.
Rule change management It supports rule change management workflow to ensure safe and systematic rule changes.
Rule scenario management It provides template manager to automatically create rule scenario template and rule management Web UI, allowing easy managment of complex business rule.
Defining business rules with Biz Term Dictionary It opionally supports buisness terminology dictionary, linking to meta repository. Business rule manager can use standard business terminology when creating a business rule.
System management It supports central configuration of rule server and engine, monitoring of rule engine status and other mandatory administration functions.
Various levels of rule verification It support rule execution debugger and allows using rule test case. It also supports real time rule execution simulation with real data.
High-performance rule engine Internal rule engine ensures high performance with advanced technologies such as Multi-Processing, Multi-Threading, Regional Load Balancing and Fail Over.


BRMiner's Benefits
Maintenance Efficiency When business logic must be changed, it takes long time in existing maintenance environment. However, BRMiner allows busienss owner managing the business logic without helping of developer, ensuring efficient business system maintenance.
Increased Productivity BRMiner gets rid of miscommunication between IT and business parts, and unnecessary working steps. It improve productivity by supporting easy business logci management.
Faster time to market It is very important to for IT system to apply frequently changed business policies. BRMiner allows business owner changing business logic of system in real time, without development team's support.
Do more with less It reduces development time and test resources by allowing business owner directly managing and applying business logic changes.


BRMiner's Differentiators
Rule Life Cycle Management It supports rule life cycle management with automatic versioning of rule structure, version control by rule ID and change management workflow.
Automatic generation of rule management UI for business user Rule Studio, a rule editing tool, supports automatic generation of rule management web UI. It also supports automatic generation of rule scenario template, providing easy and convenient rule management of business owner.
Use of standard terms and codes It provides business terminology dictionary when you are creating a business rule. It ensures you use a standard term of enterprise in the new rule.


  • Korea Development Bank
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • National Pension Service
  • National Tax Service
  • A&D Credit Information
  • TONGYANG Life Insurance
  • LIG Insurance
  • Hyundai Steel
  • Kyobo
  • Daegu Bank
  • Kyongnam Bank
  • Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
  • Citi Bank
  • etc...