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ChangeMiner provides
Application portfolio visibility to deliver application insight information Change impact analysis with business logic information in source code
Variable level error cause tracking with data flow visibility Dynamic documentation / Efficient application understanding
Rapid access to source of error data with transparent data lineage Making the development of a high quality source code
ChangeMiner’s technical advantages
Universal String Analyzer
Extracting dynamic strings from source code without running program (patent technology).

Path-sensitive string analysis technology enables the most accurate application change impact analysis.
On Demand Analysis
Near real-time integration with application lifecycle management process.

Increase analysis performance and maximize productivity.
ChangeMiner’s key features
Dashboard + Statistics
easily access application portfolio statistics, its change trends, complexity metrics, wastes and more.
Advanced Search
rapidly search objects from both source files and database schema in application knowledgebase with reusable conditions.
Structure + Dependency Analysis
fully visualize application structure and all relationships from client program to database objects, regardless of programming languages by using relationship graph, CRUD matrix and more.
Flow Analysis
automatically create various types of diagrams (flow chart, class diagram and call sequence diagram etc.) and trace inter-procedural data flow in program.
Change History Management
conveniently deliver object level change information of source files and database schema to get transparent development history.
Dynamic Documentation
dynamically generate various types of customizable documents from application knowledgebase.
Data Lineage Analysis (opt)
rapidly provide column level data lineage of multi-layered databases from BI report to source table.
Code Quality & Vulnerability inspection (opt)
accurately inspect source code based on international coding standards for both quality and security vulnerability.
ChangeMiner customers
ChangeMiner analyzes
Language Java, JSP, XML, Java Script, Objective C, C#.Net, VB.NET, ASP, PHP, PERL, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, ANSI C/C++, Pro*C, Amdocs C, PL/1, RPG, Visual Gen, COBOL:ZOS, MF, HITACHI, ILE
Database Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL Server, Informix, Sybase ASE, AS IQ, My SQL, Postgres, Tibero, Alitibase
Framework J2EE Hibernate, IBATIS, Struts, Spring, Terasoluna, Ladybird, Mircrosoft WCF, WPF...
ERP Oracle EBS (Forms & PL/SQL), SAP (ABAP)
Job Scheduler JCL, JP1, A-AUTO
EAI IBM MQ, Web Services, Tivoli, Shell for Informatica, DataStage, SAP BW, MSTR
Others Calling patterns of non-popular languages not listened in this table can be captured by Universal Pattern Analyzer and Handler technology.
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Improve your application team’s productivity by 30~75% with application visibility! Robust string analysis engine enables the most accurate application change impact analysis!
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